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Monthly Quote of St. Thomas More: Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation

30 Mar 2014 10:58 PM | Bennett Rawicki (Administrator)
Excerpt from More's Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation:

For God is, and must be, your comfort.... And he is a sure comforter, that (as he said unto his disciples) never leaveth his servants in case of comfortless orphans, not even when he departeth from his disciples by death; but both, as he promised, sent them a comforter, the Holy Spirit of his Father and himself, and them also made sure, that to the world's end, he would ever dwell with them himself. And, therefore, if you be part of his flock, and believe his promise, how can you be comfortless in any tribulation, when Christ and his Holy Spirit, and with them their inseparable Father (if you put full trust and confidence in them) be never neither one finger breadth of space, nor one minute of time from you? 

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